Storytelling Through Music Videos

So far in ‘17 there have been videos that match with the music. Ranging from old school to new school, from simple to in depth it’s all about Storytelling!! That’s communications 101 people! The videos  I’ve selected show the meaning why I write these blogs. Everyone can relate to the music but I really love getting into the storytelling and what’s the silver lining of the song. I’ve listed 5 videos that I think best portray storytelling through a music video.

Kenny Chesney – Rich and Miserable*** (MUST WATCH)

Kenny Chesney does it again, using Dr. Cox from Scrubs to give us another life lesson. As we said before storytelling is crucial in music. There has to be something for the listeners or people who watch can take from it. Other videos I’ve listed in this post has a beginning, middle and an end but this video is different.

This story is telling us what makes you happy in life, what are you giving out to the world that’ll make it better. It’s more of an educational or even better it opens your eyes to the world. I love videos that show you visually what the song is about and giving you something to make you better. Chesney is known for giving the fans a different outlook on life such as the song ‘Don’t Blink’. It’s just another lesson from life’s teacher Kenny Chesney.

High Valley – I BE U BE

High Valley.. High Valley has become Canada’s next great export to the Country music scene. Their latest video has to be one of my favorites…..Not trying to pick favorites but when you watch the video you can see why. Unlike others, it has a different feel with a different meaning. Although it’s still a love song, it has the depth to it. The way it was shot looks like a movie production.

The storyline has emotion and plays the heartstrings. It starts out with the riff with the guitar and goes into a hard strum.  Around the 2:43 mark of the video is the best part as it builds up the anticipation with the single strum banjo. It’s a great video with a great story to tell.

Brett Eldredge – Somethin’ I’m Good At (Official Music Video)

Coming from an emotional video to an upbeat feel good video. Honestly, I believe it’s a song about most guys, like myself. Whenever you have a bad day flick this video on and you’ll feel better, that’s a guarantee! This is every guy’s dream in 3 to 4 minutes. Walking out the door, getting a girl and having her to fall in love with you. Again, this is a lot of guys dreams because we all know that does not happen all the time. With all that being said this video has a beginning, middle and an end.  

Now with the actual song, it’s different from a typical Brett Eldredge song. Years of singing ballots and sharing similarities to Frank Sinatra. Eldredge steps into a fast speed song with vocal range from here to Vancouver, it’s overall a great song that everyone will be bumping to this summer….Correct me if I’m wrong but it feels like Ferris Bueller grew up and became a country singer.


Midland – Drinkin’ Problem

Midland’s Drinkin’ Problem has an old style feel with their music and the video acts on it. Start with driving an old school car that I have no idea the name of cause I’m a music guy, not a car fanatic. This video is simple but fits great with the song. The beginning selling the adult beverages and later on getting arrested.

It’s a really good feel for a fantastic rhythm. It’s a realization that having a drinking problem probably isn’t a good idea. Every time I watch or listen to Midland I keep forgetting we’re living in 2017.

Thomas Rhett – Craving You ft. Maren Morris

Home Team is strong!! Thomas Rhett kills it with ‘Craving You’. I know I said with High Valley had a movie production video but it cannot compare to this video. Rhett has been branching or pushing the boundaries of country music with a couple of his songs lately. When I say that, I have no problem with that being its great music!

Adding Maren Morris to the project brought the song to a new level. The storyline shows Rhett having the funny comedic role with an edge. It’s original but storytelling of the video takes it to a different world. It’s asking the viewers the question of what you would do for our loved ones.

Notable mentions:

Chad Brownlee – Might As Well Be Me (Official Video)


Rascal Flatts – Yours If You Want It


What are your thoughts on storytelling through music videos?

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