Best Deep Cuts by a Mainstream Artists/Group

Every time we get brand new albums we all listen to the singles repeatedly like ‘Drunk On You’ or ‘Pontoon’. That’s good and all but what’s even better is when you find the hidden gems that you were skipping on your phone. Finding those songs instantly becomes your go-to song but when you tell your friends they don’t know it. Warning it can get awko taco when you’re the only one who knows it!

Well with that being said, I pulled a couple of songs from mainstream artists and took a dive into their albums. Again you can tell who are the real deal when they have countless banger songs that they don’t release. Although FGL almost did with ‘Anything Goes’ record with five smash hit singles.

Here are the artists and songs I’ve picked:   

Little Big Town – Leavin’ In Your Eyes (Tornado)

Little Big Town is vocally amazing when they come into a song together as one. With every group that has multiple lead singers, each song has the different variety of styles all in one band. The majority of the workload is shared with  Jimi Westbrook and Karen Fairchild (Married). When I say that, there are songs where Kimberly Schlapman and  Phillip Sweet take the reigns.

In ‘Leavin’ In Your Eyes, Jimmi takes the lead in the song. The reason why I picked this song is that it could easily be a single. Again the harmonies with Little Big Town are far from spectacular, makes a normal B plus song into a hit. This song got overshadowed by the smash hit ‘Tornado’ but it shines its own light.


Dallas Smith – And Then Some (Jumped Right In)

A prime example of a keep cut that could be a single on the airwaves. It’s a typical Dallas Smith song with the rock country…which we need more of in my opinion. It’s off the ‘Jumped Right In’ record where he released five singles! Again, just like FGL (Who share the same producer Joey Moi) they released half their album which is amazing!

The song in itself has something about it, it’s rock and country…..thus being country rock…. Maybe I sound biased but something about Dallas Smith makes a good song into a great one. What makes this song great is the first word of the song, ‘Guuuuurl I still remember’. You’ll know what I mean when you watch the linked down below: 


Brett Eldredge – Time Well Spent  (Illinois)

Brett Eldredge right now in time is the most underrated artist out there with the new album coming out. Beside the point, the deep cut track that could be a single would definitely be ‘Time Well Spent’ It’s a beachy song that’s catchier than a Kevin Pillar highlight reel.

It’s a feel good tune like always! Honestly, Brett is one of my all-time favorites right now because he brings the positivity to his songs. In this world, we need more positivity in the media. Here’s the song down below, give it a listen:


What’s is the BEST deep cut in your mind? Tell me in the comments down below!

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Much love! Till next time.  


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