10 Songs on Heavy Rotation in June

Summer time!! Country music blaring in the summertime sky is magical. Everything sounds better when the sunshine is hitting your face. It’s the smell of the fresh cut grass and the feel of the music pumping through you. Here’s my list for the month of June: 

  1. Brett Eldredge – Love Someone
  2. Jordan Davis – Singles You Up *Underrated*
  3. Luke Bryan – Faded Away
  4. JoJo Mason – Something To Wrap My Heart Around
  5. LANCO – Greatest Love Story
  6. Dallas Smith – Sky Stays This Blue
  7. Andrew Hyatt – On Me
  8. Maren Morris – I Could Use a Love Song
  9. Ryan Hurd – Love in a Bar *Rising Star*
  10. Joe Nichols – Sunny and 75

When gathering songs together for Heavy Rotation it’s just an excuse using YouTube to discover new artists for an example, Jordan Davis.  With summer in full swing, you have to get a playlist together when you’re at the cottage! Hopefully few songs that I listed could make the cut when you’re getting tanned!

Also, I introduced a BRAND NEW podcast called ‘Rob & Riley Podcast’ on SoundCloud and YouTube a couple weeks ago. It’s full of dad jokes and stories that you want to hear! The link is down below!

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Much love! Till next time.  


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