CONCERT REVIEW: Tim & Faith Soul2Soul: Toronto, Ontario.

Professionalism, chemistry, and showmanship. Three best words to describe this show at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. I’ve seen Tim McGraw multiple times in various venues in Toronto!

The first time seeing him with Faith and it was definitely different for obvious reasons.  I’m trying to compare this performance with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood concert a couple years ago in Hamilton.

When I say it was different from the Garth show I’m not saying it wasn’t good but Tim is a straight professional. They opened up with the both of them going song for a song then going into their own sets. That alone has a different structure to a show, maybe they’ve done it before when they previously toured together. It’s a unique way of starting a show and avoiding a normal routine of a typical concert.

I noticed the chemistry between the both of them and that made the show even better. They introduced brand new songs they’re releasing together. Normally for myself, introducing new songs during a live set are really hit or miss. They introduced a couple new songs and I’m not lying it was amazing. The separator for me is when Tim and Faith had the crowd at the Air Canada Centre on their feet dancing along. For country concerts in the ACC to be like a Hamilton show says a lot about the artists.

The main take away from this concert is when Tim was singing ‘Humble and Kind’. It was one of those moments where you just had to take it in. It was definitely One of Those Nights. It was the same thing with ‘Live Like Your Dying.’  Everyone in the place stood up and was singing along with him. Here’s a fan video of it: (Sorry for the audio)


I think the overall rating for this concert is a strong A. What can I say I like it, I love it and I want some more of it. I had to squeeze the dad pun joke in somewhere!

Who was at the show or at any show on the Soul2Sould tour, how did you like it! Tell me down below!

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2 thoughts on “CONCERT REVIEW: Tim & Faith Soul2Soul: Toronto, Ontario.

  1. Amazing review made me feel part of that night👍😉❤️


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