Who Needs A Break!

Every artist or band in the music needs or takes a hiatus from the business every now and then. Kip Moore, for example, takes breaks when he finishes tours and surfs in Costa Rica for six months, he’s just coming back from a surfing vacay. Kenny Chesney took a year off before he walked in the studio. Lady Antebellum is the most recent band that took a hiatus from music to recharge the batteries. There isn’t anything wrong taking 15 from the business because it could lead to different writing styles, refound passion or even create a bigger buzz of a return.

On the other hand, you get artists that go non-stop for years and years. With all due respect, they’re there for a reason and are great in their own respective careers.  This leads me to who I think should take a break from music right now:


Luke Bryan

As much as I think Luke Bryan is a staple of country music I think he needs to take a year off. It’s one of those things where he keeps producing music and it’s great but could be repetitive at the same time. You can see in some interviews that he’s just tired from traveling around.

It’s just like being in a relationship in a sense where if you step away for a bit the other person (Fans) will start to miss the music. Let me throw some stats out: Studio albums 5, Compilation albums 3, Music videos 31, EPs 8, Singles 22 and Number one singles (Billboard) 17. Remind you with releasing his studio albums (main albums) Luke releases his annual spring break record. Another note about his albums he seems to always release extended songs to add to the project.

Here’s the first single he released 10 years ago:



To his latest single ‘Fast’:



I think Luke can benefit from taking a hiatus from music for a year or so. Again, he can do that without staying out of the spotlight. I understand artists can’t afford to do that to their careers but Luke Bryan can without a doubt.   

Brad Paisley


Like Luke, Brad has been hitting the paved roads and studio time hard. With Brad, I think he needs to take hiatus from his music because he has a unique styl from other musicians in country music. He’s been producing music non-stop for a while and I think taking a break will help his career which doesn’t really need help in the first place.

Lately, Brad’s last couple of albums weren’t the best quality of work. I think it could all be blended into one song. With the long overdue hiatus from touring could be beneficial with songwriting and performing. When Lady A took a break, they split off into a solo act and later on came together to write. They lived in a house in Florida and just hung out writing without any pressure of producing songs in a back of the tour bus.

He’s been touring every year sense 2005, Here is Brad’s touring history:


  • Time Well Wasted Tour (2005–06)
  • Bonfires & Amplifiers Tour (2007–08)
  • The Paisley Party Tour 2008
  • The Paisley Party Tour 2009
  • American Saturday Night Tour 2009
  • American Saturday Night Tour 2010
  • The H2O Tour (2010)
  • The H2O Frozen Over Tour (2011)
  • H2O II: Wetter and Wilder World Tour (2012)
  • Virtual Reality World Tour (2012)
  • Beat This Summer Tour (2013)
  • Beat This Winter Tour (2014)
  • Country Nation World Tour (2014)
  • Crushin’ It World Tour (2015–16)
  • Life Amplified World Tour (2016–17)
  • Weekend Warrior World Tour (2017)


Taking a closer look into his career at his early hits like:


Compared to his latest single:



Who do you think needs to take a break in the world of music? Do you think Luke and Brad should take a hiatus from touring?

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1 thought on “Who Needs A Break!

  1. Everyone needs some kind of menthol holiday to stay sharp and creative
    I agree with your choices✔️✔️
    Jason Alden would be someone else


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